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Pear and Honey Schnapps

We are very pleased with our latest new addition, a super interesting pear and honey schnapps, and all entirely local.

The pears come from Sir Harold Hillier Gardens. They have an internationally renowned collection of crab pears which we picked from this particularly beautiful tree – as in the picture.

Hillier’s crab pear tree

The honey is from hives in Hiltingbury, cared for and managed by Hampshire Honey, and our water, as always, comes from New Forest Spring Water

The pear and honey schnapps will be available on our website very shortly, and will also be available from Bay Leaves Larder

Our serving suggestion is that it is ideally paired with fever tree light ginger beer. For something a bit more exotic just add a dash of orange bitters. We have also used it as a base for our cocktail, The Hiltingbury Gentleman. For those of you who have already asked for the recipe it is: 2 parts schnapps, 2 parts ginger wine, 1 part amaretto, and a dash of orange bitters. Serve over ice and top up with lemonade to taste