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Spiced Apple Liqueur

Last Autumn we went scrumping with Terry from Hillier’s Garden Centre and Arboretum. He allowed us into their Heritage Collection which were all so tasty compared to the apples normally available to buy. We chose the sweet and juicy King George V apples and I put them to start the process of making schnapps.

A couple of months ago, a taste test suggested that the apples would like some spice, so I duly added cinnamon with a smaller amount of nutmeg and cloves.

This week it was time to distill it and add any finishing touches it might need. My original decision to make schnapps was ruled out as a liqueur emerged from my mixing.

When we are preparing any food or drink we have to work with the ingredients, which very loudly told me they wanted to be part of a liqueur, so that’s what we now have. It’s bottled and labelled and, if I say so myself, quite delicious!