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The Hiltonbury Farmhouse reopens

Hiltonbury FarmhouseWe at the Hiltingbury Still have been a small part of the re-opening of a local pub, in North Miller’s Dale specifically.

I remember, back in the day it having rather barn-like interior, not doing justice to the beautiful old building it was housed in, then lying sadly empty for years.

The transformation then, really does have to be seen to be believed. It’s been beautifully refurbished, and now has a great atmosphere. I would put in in the upmarket category for a gastro-pub, with delightful touches such as blankets for sitting on the grass just outside the open side entrance.

It would be totally remiss of me not to mention the astounding gin collection, over 30 different ones I believe. We tried one of our own when we went there for Sunday lunch: beautifully served.

What started, in my head, as musings on a new pub appears to have turned into an accolade. So be it. They deserve it!